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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Get started running or walking....

The humidity is starting decrease and the heat is less oppressive outside creating an urge to head outdoors.  This is a perfect opportunity to add some walking or running for exercise outside.  Here are some tips to help you create a running or walking program for yourself.

  • Start slow and build upon this base.  If you start running/walking too fast or for too long, the soreness experienced will make it harder to continue with the activity. (Also it may lead to injury.)
  • Increase 10% per week total mileage to avoid overuse injuries
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather and sun exposure
  • Take a buddy (dog or human) to keep you accountable
  • stay hydrated
  • include cross-training/strength training 
    • Here's a sample week with my run and cross-training days...
      • Monday: Run
      • Tues: Cross-Train (Usually a combination of cycling, weight-training, long walk with philip, or yoga)
      • Wed: Run
      • Thurs: Cross-Train
      • Friday: Short Run
      • Saturday: Long Run
      • Sunday: REST
  • Take a rest day to let your muscles recover.
  • To stay motivated just remind yourself that your next great run is ahead of you, especially if you are having a challenging day running.  
    • I feel like running is hit or miss.  Somedays you feel amazing and the very next day it can be a huge struggle, but keeping with it will be very rewarding.  
Here are some resources if you want to check out more information:

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