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Monday, August 15, 2011

Week in running and fungus?

The running and fungus aren't related so first let me tell you about the running activities before I tell you about the fungus.  I'm still striving for the 100 miles this month, and was able to add 25 miles to the total from last Monday-Sunday.  This puts the total for the month at 49 miles....only 51 miles remaining before August 31.  This week's long run took place in Lexington including a lap around a park that I previously did not know existed.  Blogging my progress is keeping me motivated.  Last week's hot yoga session kicked my butt, however, i was still out there running the next day instead of throwing myself a pity party.

The rest of the weekend was spent with the boys...(Jonah and Phil-dog)...relaxing and watching movies.

Upon arriving in Cincinnati from Lexington I was greeted by some new friends in the courtyard of the apartment complex.
Walking up from my car I thought someone set up golf stuff, but was giant fungus growing.  Alas, they are gone this morning, crushed, but more are starting to pop out of the grass.

Happy Monday

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